3 Hours of Heemstede

3 Hours of Heemstede 2022 is canelled

This year we will be rebooting the classic endurance race, the 3 hours of Heemstede. We hope to welcome drivers both old and new to take part in this great event.

The 3 hours of Heemstede traces back its roots to the late 70’s when it was held for the first time on the MACH track. In 1982 the event was held on the current track layout for the first time. With some drivers who participated back then still active in the hobby we aim to have some of them participate yet again.

We will be racing in 2 classes, 1/10 IC onroad and 1/8 IC onroad, with a limited space of 12 teams per event and three driver per team. For more information see the rules and even info documents below.

To register, find the event on MyRCM at the following link: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/main?hId[1]=bkg&&dId[E]=63246

Hopefully we can welcome you all this summer at our track!